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Script Society’s Mentorship Program with Kate Niemuller far exceeded my expectations. Her insights guided me to consider deep structure, more complex characters, a resonant theme, and sound plot foundation. With patience, perception, and encouragement, she shared her knowledge and experience that helped develop my first draft’s dramatic promise and emotional core. I resoundingly applaud her unique skills and par excellence quality of this program.



2018 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Premium)


I signed up for the Screenwriting Mentorship Premium Program.  Following Kate’s syllabus and guidance, I completed my full length first draft in 8 weeks!  I am extremely pleased with Kate’s detailed feedback, her concise notes and suggestions, and her industry knowledge.  This course is well worth it.  I look forward to working with Kate and Script Society on future screenplays.  Thank you, Kate!


2018 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Premium)

I feel like Script Society is my secret weapon. So many story ideas in my mind and Kate/Script Society helped me to get one of them completely written in two months. The fact that it could be fun in the process is testimony to Kate's professionalism and mastery of storytelling. I'm getting my next idea ready to write my next screenplay with Script Society, it's a no-brainer. Thank you Kate/Script Society for helping me progress my screenwriting career.



2018 & 2019 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Premium)

The Screenwriting Mentorship Program exceeded my expectations. It opened up my screenwriting and gave me an impetus that was missing in my writing.  Kate Niemuller is amazing with her commitment and feedback that is honest and helpful. She tells you what works and why, what does not work and why, and then gives examples that spur you in the right direction. Always helpful, never demeaning, Kate has a deep understanding of your story and helps you present it in a clear, organized, exciting way.  I highly recommend this course and I have signed up for her “Master the Rewrite” course. Have fun with your script!



2018 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Basic)


I found the program superb from start to finish. I think you've got a well laid out website that keeps things simple. The information sheets that work alongside the weekly video are also well laid out and explained clearly and simply for people outside the industry. It was intense but I think that did help push things along, the end goal wasn't too far ahead. I have found your notes to be encouraging and your feedback, while correcting my mistakes, never left me disheartened. You know that people can join your course with all levels of knowledge on screenwriting, and you adapted to my level so I never felt out of my depth and you helped keep my ideas/thoughts relevant and heading in the right direction. I will definitely continue to use Script Society in the future, and will probably end up on this course again. I have found you nothing but professional every step of the way. If I could give any advice to someone thinking about joining this program... JUST DO IT! I went from an idea to a finished first draft in under 8 weeks.


2018, 2019 & 2020 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Premium)


By my reckoning, Kate Niemuller at Script Society is a consummate virtuoso as a script consultant, story analyst, and ebullient co-conspirator in composing a screenplay (especially if you’re one of the lucky few in the Premium Package of the Mentorship Program, which includes a weekly teleconference). I’ve participated in several different “Write a screenplay in X days/weeks/months” programs and this is the only one that I’ve been successful in actually finishing the program with a complete first draft. Kate holds you accountable through a constellation of strategies that include videos, weekly assignments, and deadlines. Her notes are detailed, elaborate, encouraging, and painstakingly on point. Not only will she proffer suggestions for tightening up your plot or theme; call you out on shoddy craft, if warranted; assure your idea is marketable; help you conceive unique, memorable characters; and guide you from the kernel of an idea, to a logline, outline, and finished script: but she’ll also praise your script where appropriate—and no she isn’t going to give you a recommend or consider, unless your script is worthy of the distinction (I say this having received two well-deserved passes, thus far, both of which have made me a stronger screenwriter). Finally, Kate also gives you an intricate roadmap to redressing the shortcomings in your script on your way out. For what she charges, her Screenwriting Mentorship Program is undervalued and it’s only a matter of time before she starts charging what she’s worth. Thanks for everything Kate and we shall cross paths again… 



2018, 2019 & 2020 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Premium)


I am grateful to you for this well structured class. It has helped me so much in starting to write. I especially want to note the great weekly reviews that have helped me learn the process and understand what the next steps are. When I joined Script Society's Screenwriting Mentorship Program I was only thinking about how to overcome writer's block. This course taught me how to build up a story around my idea. I got so much from this course. For example, information about formatting. I read other successful scripts before, and studied how to correctly structure and format, but it just isn't the same as having someone correct your work. Before I didn't notice some of my mistakes, because of my inexperience and sometimes I just couldn't see it. Kate's feedback was so helpful in improving this. I'm eagerly looking forward to the final feedback to make my work even better. I especially want to note the lessons dedicated to the second act. That's something! At the very beginning I had no idea how to fill out my entire script. So these lessons are amazing in helping me there. Special thanks for the ahead availability of the lessons files, as the English language is not my native language.  I was afraid I was not going to have enough time to study the materials, write it all, translate, and edit it with my English tutor. This opportunity helped manage my time well. Thank you for your work Script Society!



2018 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Basic)


I had been procrastinating writing a feature script for the longest time. When I saw the script workshop offered by Script Society, I immediately jumped on it for two reasons - Cost and Weekly feedback. The moment I signed up, the pressure was on me to deliver the weekly assignments on time for feedback. Kate's feedback includes potential issues and options to resolve those. But the greatest feature of this workshop is that feedback is not one way. You can go back to Kate with alternate solutions and you get feedback on those too. Frankly, the value offered here is unmatched by any others out there. Just commit to the weekly assignments and you will come out with a script on the other end.


2018 & 2019 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Basic & Premium)


Script Society’s Mentorship Program was a wonderful experience. I pushed myself to meet the deadlines, and was thrilled and amazed to have a competed screenplay at the end of the course. I appreciated the structure of the class, and the focus to keep forging ahead. With positive feedback and encouragement along the way, I always felt like Kate was guiding me to my finished product. She let me know what was working and what I was doing well. She also gave direction about how to change problem areas and correct them into something that would work better. This class reignited my passion for writing, which had been missing for a while. Now that I have these tools, I can work on editing the screenplay I wrote for the class, or start on a new writing project, or both!  


2019 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Basic)


I took the Screenwriting Mentorship Program on a whim, knowing I needed guidance to elevate my craft.  It was an intense 8 weeks but the guidance, feedback and promptness of response was beyond what I expected.  The rapid progression of the program didn’t give me time to get in my own head and second guess my choices and for that I am immensely thankful.  I am very excited to continue work on my current screenplay and to write more this year than I ever have before with the helpful guidance of Script Society.


2019 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Basic)


This mentorship program was amazing and helped me understand the screenwriting process. I took two screenwriting classes in college and I still couldn’t finish a script. I was overwhelmed trying to read too many books and write with no directions. I usually don’t like online courses but I’m glad that I trust my instincts on this course. Kate is wonderful at what she does and the content of the materials is easy to understand. Also, Kate is prompt to reply and is always there to help. I will highly recommend this mentorship program to anyone who wants to be a screenwriter. This program far exceed my expectations.


2019 Screenwriting Mentorship Program (Basic)



Kate's has that rare combination of meticulous thoroughness and sensitivity to what matters emotionally in a story.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an opinion that rises above typical, formulaic analysis.  Her insights clearly spring from a true love of screenplay writing and reading.


Kate is the perfect storm of speedy work at a low price. She can be very supportive and/or brutally thorough when the situation calls for it, sometimes right in the same scene. Plot holes get spackled over, disorganized acts get unjumbled, strong elements emphasized and weak elements chucked out. She turned my entire screenwriting effort around, she improved all of the scripts I sent her, and she made me a better writer. Once I found her, I stopped working with all of my other editors.


I used the script analysis and editing services of Script Society. I found their revision and advice on my script to be very prompt, precise and helpful. Their prices are also very reasonable. I will be continuing to use their services once my next draft is ready.


Thank you for the awesome proofread. This was very helpful. This was needed for me to re-submit it to a production company so they can produce a trailer to pitch to Netflix.  I might be sending you some more of my work and use what you said about this screenplay and apply them to the others I written. Thanks again and looks like you found yourself and repeat customer. 


Her invaluable notes, comments and suggestions made our script stronger and richer. Her detailed analyses and quick turn around made every penny paid worthwhile. I suggested Kate to another screenwriter friend who likewise was really impressed with her professionalism. Definitely planning on using Kate again.