Screenwriting Trends of 2019 Infographic

Last year, we put together an infographic combining data mined from all the screenplays we read and analyzed in 2018. The purpose of this infographic was to inform aspiring screenwriters on trends that we noticed in our work. We hoped that the information could provide a small sampling of what works, what does not, what's popular and what's not, in order to help focus the attempts of writers in 2019.

The data proved to be very interesting! And because it was so much fun to put together, we've done it again. Below, you will find Script Society's Screenwriting Trends of 2019 Infographic. Sound off in the comments below!

Note: These statistics do not represent the screenwriting industry as a whole. They represent a small percentage of that industry, through the screenplays that Script Society was involved with in 2019.

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