Using a combination of video tutorials, written guides and personalized weekly feedback, our C.E.O. will guide you through an easy and effective step-by-step method that has allowed her to write 50+ features for clients since Script Society's inception in 2015.

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1 video per week to guide you

through the course material

Tons of guides & worksheets

to expand on the videos

Feedback every week & the option

of having story consultation calls.

Script Society’s Mentorship Program with Kate Niemuller far exceeded my expectations. Her insights guided me to consider deep structure, more complex characters, a resonant theme, and sound plot foundation. With patience, perception, and encouragement, she shared her knowledge and experience that helped develop my first draft’s dramatic promise and emotional core. I resoundingly applaud her unique skills and par excellence quality of this program.


Alicia Lyon | Screenwriter


During this program, we will work to develop your idea into a screenplay. Weekly assignments & feedback is designed to keep you on track while ensuring you write the strongest first draft you can. Below is a week-by-week overview of this program. 


After you enroll you will be sent your login information as well as our "Starter Pack" to ensure you have everything you need to accomplish the program. 



The first week of this program focuses on developing an idea. We will be determining the main conflict, genre, theme, protagonist, setting & target audience of your screenplay. Then, we will use that information to create a mock logline. 



During the second week of this program, we will focus on developing your characters and the setting of your screenplay. We will then write up bios for each one. 



The third week is all about structure. Using the information gathered in weeks 1 & 2, this week we will establish the key beats of your screenplay by creating a "Beat Sheet". 



This week we will expand on the beat sheet created in week 3, transforming it into a detailed treatment of your screenplay. In order to do this, we will discuss scene and sequence structure.



This week you will write the first act of your screenplay. Our program will focus on formatting, software options and techniques to ensure a strong first act.  


This week you will write the first half of your second act. Our program will focus on methods to avoid/beat writer's block and more techniques to help your writing efforts. 


This week you will write the second half of your second act. Our program will focus on the dangers of editing as you write as well as the "rush to the climax" and how to write this sequence effectively without skipping vital details. 


This week you will write the final act of your screenplay. Our program will focus on what do to once you have a first draft complete (from feedback to festivals). 

The Screenwriting Mentorship Program exceeded my expectations. It improved my screenwriting ability and gave me an impetus that was missing in my writing.  Kate Niemuller is amazing with her commitment and feedback that is honest and helpful. She tells you what works and why, what does not work and why, and then gives examples that spur you in the right direction. Always helpful, never demeaning, Kate has a deep understanding of your story and helps you present it in a clear, organized, exciting way.  I highly recommend this course and I have signed up for her “Master the Rewrite” course. Have fun with your script!


Carol McKay | Screenwriter

This online screenwriting course is not like others. 


In Script Society's Screenwriting Mentorship Program you get feedback on your assignments every week from our C.E.O., Kate Niemuller. This feedback ensures that you are on the right track as you write your first draft.


Mentoring like this is valuable.


Kate has helped writers get their screenplays requested & optioned by producers and do very well in reputable screenwriting competitions and festivals (Cannes & Nicholl Fellowship). Her clients credit her with helping them improve their writing ability. Now, she wants to do the same thing for you. 

I had been procrastinating writing a feature script for the longest time. When I saw the script workshop offered by Script Society, I immediately jumped on it for two reasons - Cost and Weekly feedback. The moment I signed up, the pressure was on me to deliver the weekly assignments on time for feedback. Kate's feedback includes potential issues and options to resolve those. But the greatest feature of this workshop is that feedback is not one way. You can go back to Kate with alternate solutions and you get feedback on those too. Frankly, the value offered here is unmatched by any others out there. Just commit to the weekly assignments and you will come out with a script on the other end.


Ray Raghavan | Screenwriter



8-week program with set deadlines.


Image by Nick Morrison


No deadlines, schedule or time frame! 



  • All program videos & guides

  • Weekly written feedback

  • A FREE Analysis of your first draft


  • Take at your leisure!

  • All program videos & guides


WINTER 2021/2022:

Dec. 6, 2021 - Jan. 30, 2022

SPRING 2022:

Mar. 7, 2022 - May 1, 2022

SUMMER 2022:

Jul. 4, 2022 - Aug. 28, 2022

FALL 2022:

Oct. 3, 2022 - Nov. 27, 2022


What is your refund policy?

Once you enroll in our Screenwriting Mentorship Program, we are expecting you to follow through with the program, schedule and guidelines. We do not offer refunds if you are unable to complete the course within the scheduled 8 weeks. If you wish to take it again to continue where you left off, you will have to pay the course fee again. We do offer discounts for returning students (see returning students question below). If you are requesting a refund due to a scheduling conflict or other issue before the start of your session our policy is as follows: 3 weeks prior to course start date: full refund 2 weeks before course start date: 50% refund 1 week before course start date: no refund Refunds are not available for our the "Ongoing Mentorship Program" option. In all cases of refunds, we urge you to contact us first. Extreme situations may allow for exceptions to be made to this policy.

What kind of feedback will I be getting on my work?

You can expect written feedback (generally around a page long) every week. Occasionally, our instructor may also make direct changes to your working file (fixing grammar, formatting errors, phrasing...etc.). Those changes will always be marked so they are obvious. After you complete the program, you will be delivered a final analysis (5+ pages long) that dives into plot, structure, characters, dialogue, tone, theme, marketability and craft. You will also received a marked up copy of your screenplay (Margin Notes). This is intended to give you insight and a direction for how to proceed in your next draft.

What is the benefit of the story consultation calls?

The story consultation calls are a great way to talk through your ideas and get immediate feedback. These calls provide more insight and assistance than written notes as it allows a platform for the student and instructor to brainstorm issues during the call. It's also a great platform to ask questions about anything related to the screenwriting process. Generally, we're going to try to keep them focused on the task of the week, but ultimately it's your time and you can direct the conversation anywhere you like.

What if I can't stick to the schedule? Will I lose access to the material?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and deadlines can't always be met, but the course content isn't going anywhere! If you are unable to stick to the schedule, you will automatically be transferred to our "Ongoing Mentorship Program". This will allow you to still receive a 5+ page analysis of the screenplay you write in the program, whenever you manage to finish it. That being said, we strongly encourage you to try your best to commit to completing the program in eight weeks. Learning to write quickly and efficiently is a big part of screenwriting. The faster you write, the more content you can create, which increases the chance of something getting bought or made.

What if I want to work faster than the program allows? Eight weeks seems like a long time.

If you are writing a first draft, we highly recommend that you stick to the recommended schedule in order to make sure you are properly developing all elements of your screenplay before you start writing (this will help to minimize writer's block!). However, if you are taking this course and have already written a draft of your screenplay, there is a possibility that you can progress at a faster rate (assuming you have done character, setting and plot development work in the past). Contact us explaining your situation and we can let you know.

I'm a returning student. Do I have to pay full price to take the program again?

I'm glad you found the program to be helpful! You do not have to pay the full price again. You will receive a 25% discount on which ever program you choose (basic or premium). This cannot be applied with any existing promotion. This same pricing applies to students who were unable to finish their original session and would like to pick up from where they left off. Contact us for more information.

Why does this program only cover the writing of a first (or single) draft?

A first draft usually takes twice as long to write as those that follow it and it's the hardest one to do. The techniques and steps we will teach you in this program can be applied to all subsequent drafts. We want to help you get off to a good start! That being said, we encourage screenwriters who have already written their first draft to enroll in this program too (especially if they are struggling). We will use the same method described above to improve the quality of your screenplay. The weekly feedback will ensure that the draft you produce here will be stronger than your last.

I couldn't complete my session. Why do I have to pay to transfer to the next session?

Due to the hands-on and deadline oriented nature of this program, we can only accept so many students per session. If we allowed students who were unable to finish their session to transfer to the next session for free, we would be giving up the spot of a paying student. We do offer options for our students that are unable to complete their session. You can either pay to transfer to the next session (provided there are spots available) or we can transfer you into our Ongoing Mentorship Program (Premium) for free, ensuring that you still receive a detailed analysis and margin notes upon completion of your screenplay.