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Business Disclaimer

The knowledge imparted from Script Society is based on personal experience of its employees and other entrepreneurs within the film industry. Unfortunately, there is no set way to do anything in the screenwriting world (even formatting a script has a lot of "iffy" sections). Due to that, our advise and expertise cannot come with any guarantees. We will do the best we can to help you write an excellent screenplay. But that doesn't in any way guarantee that it will be sold or produced (but we can point you in the right direction!).

Blog & Advice Disclaimer​

Script Society's resources are there to help you, no questions asked. Our blog, resources, and any other freebies are meant for educational and informational purposes only. Our articles are written based on a mix of research, personal experience and opinions. We try our best to make sure that the information being presented is accurate, but again, there are a lot of inconsistencies out there. What one producer loves, another could hate. Personal preference is a big factor in this industry and one that we cannot predict. Our advice in these areas does not come with any guarantees.

Opinions Disclaimer​


As a company that specializes in Script Development and Analysis, opinions are going to be thrown around. Yes, we are professionals and yes, we do have a pretty good idea of what makes a compelling and marketable script. Some opinions are easy (like maybe don't shoot a character into space in his underwear and expect us to believe he survives an hour out there before being rescued), but others can be trickier. It comes down to you, the client, trusting our professional opinion, but not viewing it as the "law" or the "only way". We have our opinions and others may think different. There is no such thing as a film that everyone loves. Basically, listen to us, don't be afraid to fight for your idea, but be smart about it too. If we think your idea has zero potential, we will tell you. On the flip side, if we think it's an award-winner in the making, we will also tell you. 

Services Disclaimer​

We love, love, love our services (and hope you do too!). But, we are also human. Mistakes happen. Our website could have a glitch and cause you to order the wrong service. We could get sick, or be forced to abandon work due to a family emergency. We promise to tell you if anything changes, and hope you will do the same for us. We don't want to look bad and we don't want your work to suffer in any way. We want you to be happy. So, while we can't say our site is always 100% accurate, we hope that if you do notice a mistake, you'll let us know! We promise to give you the best customer service to remedy the issue!

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