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We want to help you become a better screenwriter

That is all we care about. Seriously.

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How We Can Help

At Script Society, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, but does not always know how to tell it. Our online mentorship program is designed​ to help you improve your screenplay and your screenwriting ability. Since our beginnings back in August 2015, we have helped hundreds of screenwriters across the globe accomplish that goal. ​

Our Focus

You may write a screenplay because you are interested in the topic... but ultimately, they are written for the entertainment of others (if you want to make any money at it). It's easy to get swept away in the process of writing a draft. That's why at Script Society, we coach our writers with these three elements in mind:

THE STORY: The heartbeat of your screenplay. What is unique about it? Where is the conflict? Who are the characters? In short - why should anyone care about it?

THE CRAFT: How is it written? If it's a comedy, are we laughing? If it's a horror, are we scared? Is it visual? Is the formatting correct? Does it read like pro?

MARKETABILITY: Who are you writing for? Is there a market for this right now? Is there an audience? Can you prove it?

Meet Your Coach

Script Society was founded by Kate Niemuller back in 2015 with the goal of helping screenwriters across the globe. Before that, Kate held pretty much every job in film you can imagine: editor, DOP, director, producer, art director, set dresser...etc.


But, her passion had always been in writing. Script Society began as a simple analysis and script writing/rewriting service. In those early years, Kate wrote 70+ feature length screenplays for her clients and analyzed hundreds of others. Of those screenplays several have gone into private production, a few others have been requested by producers.​

​Most notably, one of our client's screenplay was a top ten finalist at the Cannes Film Festival (that same script also went on to win the 2016  Gold Remi Award for TV writing) and another made the quarter finals of the Academy Nicholl's Fellowship. Kate was seeing the success of her hard work and it was exciting. 


But, by late 2017... she was exhausted.  

Kate had just spent the last 2.5 years writing. Non-stop. It was a pace she knew she would not be able to maintain for much longer. She wasn't helping screenwriters by doing the hard work for them. But she wasn't ready to give up Script Society, or to leave her clients behind. It was time for a change. 

That change came in January 2018. Script Society introduced the first session of the Online Screenwriting Mentorship Program. It sold out. And every session that followed sold out. Kate knew she was onto something. Since then, Script Society has slowly transformed itself from a simple script analysis company to a global teaching platform. 

Who knows where we will be in the next five years? I hope you'll stick around to find out.

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