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Become a better screenwriter

Our Ebook covers everything you need to know to elevate your writing!


Become a better screenwriter today.

Learn everything you need to know about writing a screenplay, from concept development, to structure, to writing the first draft and rewriting it!

How to Write a Screenplay covers everything included in our online programs (and more!). It's the perfect step-by-step guide for screenwriters looking to elevate their craft.

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A quick look into what past students thought of the program!

I feel like Script Society is my secret weapon. So many story ideas in my mind and Kate/Script Society helped me to get one of them completely written in two months. The fact that it could be fun in the process is testimony to Kate's professionalism and mastery of storytelling. I'm getting my next idea ready to write my next screenplay with Script Society, it's a no-brainer. Thank you Kate/Script Society for helping me progress my screenwriting career.”

Elizabeth Celi

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